Web design for Skelmersdale, Wigan & Bolton

At Webwizards we live and breathe design and our home is the web. We have a hard-earned reputation for creating beautiful and affordable websites in and around Skelmersdale and Wigan, and we would love you to join our ever-growing list of happy clients across West Lancashire and the Northwest.

Fully responsive website design

In April 2015 Google changed the way it indexes websites (you can read more about that here); only ‘responsive’ websites are now visible in web-searches from mobile devices. The term ‘Responsive’ refers to websites which switch to alternate layouts when displaying on hand-held devices like phones and tablets.
So its important that your website is capable of displaying across the whole range of devices from maximum exposure.

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Webwizards isn’t a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ company offering a range of services; we just do web sites! However, we do offer a full range of web design services, from graphic design and page layout to web page creation and SEO.
What we don’t do is mix these services with print design and packaging, as so many other designers seem to.
Web design is a stand alone discipline, so we offer it as a stand alone service. This means that you won’t end up paying for un-necessary overheads, and in this way we keep your costs down and our quality up.

Browse around our pages, click things to see more of what Webwizards has been doing recently, and think about how we might work together to create a website that will help your business or organisation to take off.
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