About Us

How We Roll …

At Webwizards, we are constantly striving to produce something memorable, eye catching and innovative for our clients. Its what we do; we live and breathe design and creativity, and it is this passion for design that sets us apart from the herd.
Ahh, but all this sounds terribly expensive‘, I hear you cry! Actually no, a Webwizards website is quite possibly the most cost effective form of promotion your business will ever use.

When compared to the cost of printing and distributing promotional leaflets or placing adverts in newspapers, a website makes perfect sense. Paper is easily discarded, but your website will be up online for years, delivering your message to your potential customers.

The Bottom Line

The eventual cost of your website will depend on what you want on your pages, and how many pages you want. Every Webwizards project is based on a unique template which is created specifically for you. Once built, this template is used to create all of your pages, and makes the later addition of any extra pages much more cost-effective. This development cost is divided among the total number of pages, so the cost per page actually goes down with a greater number of pages. Typically, a small website with around 4 or 5 pages can cost as little as £350, and will last for many years; possibly be best investment you business will ever make!

The Webwizards philosophy is ‘it doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive’. We design and build to your requirements, and will always go the extra mile to ensure that you are 100% happy with your website.
Its just how we roll.

How We Do What We Do

At the outset, we will ask you to show us some websites that you like, and some that you dislike; this gives us a pretty good idea of what you want from your own website. From there, we will create storyboards, sitemaps, sketches and anything else to aid the design of your pages, and offer you some design options. Once that’s done, we’re off and running!

We will build your website according to the design you choose; you are free to change your mind at any time during this process though. If you decide you would like different colours, no problem! You are in the driving seat; the overall look and feel of your website will be dictated by your own tastes, but if you would rather ‘leave it to the experts’, that’s fine too.
At webwizards, we are confident that we can produce the right website for your business, and at the right price too !

A Brief History

Webwizards began with an idea taken from an article by Times journalist Stephen Hoare about women in IT; female ‘web wizards’. That idea, coupled with a drawing by a 9 year old girl who grew up to be an accomplished musician, formed the basis of what was to become Webwizards.
Mr. Hoare provided the name and the inspiration, and the little girl, now known as Ramona Rose provided the basis of what would become the Webwizards logo.
We are grateful to them both.