Countdown to Windows 10

The much hyped release of Windows 10 is almost upon us! If you are running windows 7 or 8, you may have noticed an extra little icon which appeared over recent months in you system tray at the extreme right on your Windows toolbar; the familiar Microsoft logo. It should be there next to the […]

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Images in Ebay shops

From time to time I have been asked to set up Ebay shops. It is essentially pretty simple, but there are so many options and it can get quite complicated. One of the possibilities here is to create your own HTML page with your own design; this can be done using the tools provided or […]

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Responsive websites or ‘Mobile-Geddon’

Finally, Webwizards’ own website has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 2010’s! Since Google announced ‘Mobile-Geddon’ in April 2015, a multitude of website owners have been panicking to get their non-responsive websites upgraded or completely re-built in order to hang on to their hard earned page rankings. Let’s clarify this a little…. The explosion […]

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