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From time to time I have been asked to set up Ebay shops. It is essentially pretty simple, but there are so many options and it can get quite complicated. One of the possibilities here is to create your own HTML page with your own design; this can be done using the tools provided or you can switch from the ‘standard’ to ‘HTML’ view and they create your sales page from scratch.
The drawback that I always found was that you could only upload your images into the standard part of the Ebay template; it you wanted to add extra images to your own HTML design, you needed to host your images elsewhere and then create a hyperlink inside an image tag in the format < IMG SRC="http://www.myserver/myimage.jpg" > .
Fine, no problem there, but what happens when you close your external server, move some files or something happens beyond your control? Your images suddenly disappear from your Ebay shop!

So, something occurred to me which isn’t explained in any of the manuals or help files: ‘Why can’t I upload the images to Ebay, and then use the image address as the hyperlink in my image tags?’

I tried it, and it works! Here’s what I did (and this assumes that you have access to a decent browser like Firefox):
Upload all of your product images to Ebay in the normal way; you will have a main product image and up to 19 other images for each product. Once you have those images in place, click on the one you want to use in your HTML page to open the image. Then right click on the image and select ‘view image’ from the pop-up menu. The image will open in a separate window, and the URL in the address bar will be something like; copy that whole URL and past it into your image tag in your HTML page. Simple 🙂
Basically, you are uploading to Ebay and then linking to that image rather than hosting your images externally somewhere else.
The only drawback is that you can only use images which are already uploaded to Ebay in your product listing.

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