Responsive websites or ‘Mobile-Geddon’

Finally, Webwizards’ own website has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 2010’s!
Since Google announced ‘Mobile-Geddon’ in April 2015, a multitude of website owners have been panicking to get their non-responsive websites upgraded or completely re-built in order to hang on to their hard earned page rankings.
Let’s clarify this a little….
The explosion in mobile web browsing really took off in 2012 / 2013; before that it seemed that only an elite few with smart-phones were using the web on the move. And then things started to happen, everyone got a smart-phone and / or a tablet and suddenly we were all surfing the web whilst walking the dog, getting our hair done or sipping a pint in the local. But we soon found that looking at web pages designed for big screens on miniature phone sized screens had its drawbacks. You couldn’t read the text without zooming in and then scrolling left to right and top to bottom; it was all very awkward.
And then came responsive technology, which allowed web pages to interrogate the devices displaying them and to switch to alternate layouts to suit the screen size.
Clever stuff!
And then Google discovered that more and more of us were viewing web pages on mobile devices, so in April of this year (2015 for those of you reading this in the future) Google announced that it would no longer index non-responsive web pages in searches made from mobile devices. This meant that your non-responsive web site would become invisible to people searching on their phones and tablets, but theoretically should not affect search results from desktop computers.
The upshot has been that everyone wants to ensure that theirs is not one of the websites to be affected by this new search criteria. Its a double edged sword; on one hand this is costing businesses in unforeseen re-development costs, but on the other hand everyone gets a better website, and we are all happy web-users.
It keeps designers and developers busy too, meaning that their own websites suffer while they serve the needs of their customers…
This is where I came in!
I found a free couple of days, so Webwizards’ website has now been re-designed and displays wonderfully on mobile devices.

Now….where did I put my phone??

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